Drawtex®: The Hydroconductive
Wound Dressing

Drawtex is the first hydroconductive wound dressing. It features exclusive LevaFiber™ Technology aiding effective wound bed preparation without damaging newly formed tissue.1-4

Facilitates removal of wound debris5

Manages and controls excessive wound exudate1,6

Draws harmful MMPs and bacteria into the dressing7-12

Sets the stage for endogenous wound healing or wound closure procedures1,3,4


Drawtex can be used as a first-line dressing as part of the standard of care for wound bed preparation.

Drawtex is Driven by Clinical Data.

We at Drawtex are passionate about - and dedicated to - clinical proof of the efficacy of our products and enhancing the quality of lives of the patients we treat.

  • Strong global clinical research and development programme
  • Ongoing clinical trials and evaluations
  • 25+ clinical posters/publications published worldwide
  • All claims clinically proven

Drawtex Tracheostomy Dressing

  • Hydroconductive wound dressing technology
  • Draws out exudate, wound debris, bacteria and harmful MMPs5-12
  • Fits snugly around the tube with interlocking closure
  • Prevents peristomal maceration
  • Easy to use

How to Order

Drawtex is distributed globally by strategically chosen and experienced international distributors.